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Thursday 7 March 2024

Cleveland Real Estate Market News VOL 03/08/24



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Getting Consistent income is really every investor's dream. Having income every month has a better chance. This home in Lyndhurst is a perfect example of consistent income and growing equity.

Over the years rental amounts have gone up over the years. 

Let's look the approx numbers 

2020 tenant moved in Feb net $9115

2021 tenant moved out oct net $8141

2022 tenant moved in Jan 2022 Net $8571 

2023 Net $10,174

Total rental income $36,001

We purchased the property in 2019 for $80,000 and today that property is worth approx over $200,000. Let's look at the Approx Returns on this home. 

Approx Equity $120,000 + $36,001= $156,001

The return is approx 39% return. 

Need Good consistent income and equity? 

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