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Thursday 29 February 2024

Cleveland Real Estate Market News VOL 03/01/24



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This property was purchased in October 2021 for $90,000 and we added rehab to this property of approx $20,000 for a total of $110,000.

Real Estate can make great Money if it is in a good location and Managed correctly. This property is another nice home that has made great money. 

The net proceeds means that is the money we deposited in the owner's account. Let's look at the money deposited in this property's owner account. 

 In the year 2022 $12,267 was deposited and in 2023 $13,727 was deposited for a total of $25,994.

Let's look at the equity on this property also. It is worth Approx $160,000 and that would leave a $50,000 Equity Position 

$50,000+$25,994= $75,994 approx net profit. 

That is a 15% return on this property and it will get another projected $13,727 this year! 

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