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Thursday 2 February 2023

Cleveland Real Estate Market News VOL 02/03/23




Unique Investment/Income Real Estate Services

Why Cleveland Real Estate Equity Trends are the Best for Investors

Funny how that says about the deals not being found ( I can get them with my system). Every investor and wholesaler is looking for the next shining penny.


Investment Real Estate Everything Needs to Done

Finding and purchasing investment real estate property is just the beginning. All the details need to be finished asap and the property needs to be leased.


How to become a Real Estate Agent for Investors

There is a better way to create commission and not have to go looking for it every time you close a property.

It doesn't Make sense to purchase Income Real Estate anywhere else

Most investors are buying out of their area because of the high price of real estate where they live

Sold Full Price 14 Days with Less Commissions

Flat Fee MLS Listing Service not only saves money in commissions but gets homes SOLD! Like this one that was purchased by my company and SOLD in 14 days at over full price

Last Weeks Newsletter Edition

Last Weeks edition if you missed it!


Are you happy with your Income Real Estate

Are you happy with your Income Real Estate? Getting Clients better income and equity Is all we've done since 2000? 450 TRANSACTIONS SINCE 2018


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