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Thursday 26 January 2023

Cleveland Real Estate Market News VOL 01/27/23



Unique Real Estate Services for Investors


Putting the Client First, Not the Property

Making Clients happy is really the best foundation you can build for any company. My clients spend a lot of money with me and I need to ensure that they like what they are buying.

Why you need a Construction Management

Talking to 5 investors in the last two weeks and learning that they had some issues finishing their properties rehab.


What Real Estate Investing should look like

Buying Investment Real Estate and creating great results is all we thrive to do. Here are some more examples of what we do for our clients

Unique Investment Real Estate Services

Doing investment real estate since 1985 I have created unique services that really assist our clients. I became a Realtor in 2000 just to be sure I could do all the services


Has Your Realtor did 450+ Transactions? I have

Need Your home leased or Sold in Cleveland? I have done 450+ Transactions since 2018....I sell homes and lease them for the Top Prices!

Last Weeks Newsletter Edition

Last Weeks edition if you missed it!


Why we are Different in Real Estate Investing

The difference in real estate investing and who gets your property is always felt when something goes really bad.


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