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Tuesday 20 June 2023

Why we get top Rents for our clients




Getting the best rents possible takes a lot of effort from your Realtor. Detailed marketing is key in getting the best rents and tenants.

I set up virtual tours, pics and websites for each and every property. We also have an open house in order to give more people an opportunity to see the property and get an application.

This takes work from me and my staff to make all this happen. That is why we almost always have  quick turnarounds and almost no vacancies.

The other part is getting good quality tenants that will pay the lease and take care of the property.

Maintenance is a key issue and it needs to make sense both financially and if that is really needed. We save our clients 40%-50% on maintenance with our vendors. We have almost 200+ properties that our vendors know they will always have work, but they need to give us a better deal.

Income/Investment Real Estate takes a lot of work and that is what we do with our Real Estate Profit System

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