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Wednesday 1 April 2020

Northeast Ohio housing market continues sell sell sell


People are still purchasing homes in the Cleveland Ohio at a rapid pace. It is still very difficult to get a home because of the inventory issues. There are still more homes placed under contract and Sold than are being listed.

The virus is obviously having some effect on sellers listing their homes. What I see is the properties that are getting listed are sold quickly. I listed a home Monday and had 8 appointments to show it.

Real Estate is still a great place to park money especially if your in the stock market. We are in uncertain times with the virus, but people will always need a place to call home. This is why the real estate market is still very good.

I personally watch the availability of money and mortgages. As long as you have that people will still be buying. The market is flooded with money and most people are not spending it on vacations, flying, or goods. This crisis is causing people to save money and not spend it in the economy.

That is why I like residential real estate so much it can create income in just about any market. We lease a lot of homes and are not seeing a slow down on new tenants.

This week and last week we leased 4 homes and had a ton of calls from potential tenants that need housing in the areas we are currently purchasing in.

The future is not this virus, but what we do during it and I personally am still buying great real estate.

I noticed this week that Billionaire Bill Ackman mentioned that this virus would effect many people. The stock market went down over 1000 points. Mr Ackman made over 2 billion dollars by betting on the stock market falling that day.

I don't know about you, but that is why I stay in real estate. I can control it and it makes great income for me. Residential real estate is a great platform for investors to create a nice income every month.

WE only purchase real estate that are in quality areas and create a great return in both income and equity for our clients.

During these trying times we collected 99% of our rents in March 2020. The only home that was not collected was not one we purchased. Those are incredible numbers that very few investors have, but we do!

Getting a great investment and quality real estate is the key to being successful. Unlike the stock market where 1 person can change many fortunes, real estate can be controlled by you.

Need great real estate and a nice portfolio that will help you create wealth?

Call me I'm Brett 216-703-5740 Icon Agent for EXP Realty Ohio and #1 Agent for Transactions in Ohio at EXP Realty.

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