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Wednesday 8 April 2020

Is Real Estate going to end up like 2008?


I have been hearing a lot of different opinions about what the housing market is going to look like after the virus crisis is over and we all get back to work. It is an excellent question that many people have on their mind. Especially investors.

In 2008 we did have a housing fall because of the credit issues and mortgage bonds in some cases where graded incorrectly. For example there where bad mortgage bonds being rated better than they should have been.

They where sold in packages that represented a better bond than they actually where.When that happened the mortgages did not perform, meaning the person paying the mortgage quit doing it! This caused a lot of investors to take huge looses and killed the mortgage market. Basically a lot investors did not want to take the risk of purchasing mortgages for their portfolios.

When there is no one to purchase mortgages the real estate market goes bad, because the liquidity (money) is not available to get mortgages.  Therefore people could not get mortgages to purchase real estate with. This caused inventory to get saturated with a lot of homes and demand was not there to purchase homes. With buyers having no way to get loans to purchase homes, cash buyers came in and paid much less for the real estate.

So fast forward to 2020 and in the current crisis it was caused by government shutdown not bad mortgage paper. The inventory is extremely low and the demand is still high to purchase homes. Even with the crisis we are still seeing a lot of buyers that are purchasing homes still today.

The American government is also making sure that this crisis will not cause a lot of homes to be foreclosed on. How are they doing that? By letting the missed payments (up to 3 I believe) being added to the mortgage. This will allow the home owner to get back to work, save a few bucks and keep their homes.

The key to the economy is getting people back to work, and that should be happening very soon. Real Estate will be in huge demand and interest rates will still be extremely low. The economy was very strong before the crisis and that should continue.

I have been in the real estate since 1985 and have seen a lot of different real estate markets, and have purchased and sold 100's of homes. This crisis is different and our economy should bounce back very well. That means that buying real estate today is a very good thing!

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