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Tuesday 17 March 2020

Building Wealth with Real Estate


Building Wealth Thru Real Estate

Brett Young has been investing in Real Estate since 1985. He became a Realtor in 2000. He has Bought, Sold and Leased 100’s of properties for his clients portfolios.

Brett finds real estate for his clients that does two things, provides Equity and income. 35 Years in the business

We get Top Rents for Clients Real Estate

We have our own marketing company that gets more potential tenants to your home and higher rents

We purchase choice properties that also create Good Equity

Our properties are in great areas that attract professionals that pay TOP rents


Startling Facts about Our income real estate case study

We are continuing the Income real estate case studies to share what we are doing for our clients…..This weeks episode is in Parma Ohio…Check out this weeks new home and how it looked and what we leased it for? Call me I’m Brett 216-703-5740 ICON Agent EXP Realty and #1 Agent for EXP Realty in Ohio


Income Real Estate Case Study

This is an actual home we did and I wanted to break down our process and how it works on each home we purchase. Call me

216-703-5740 I’m Brett ICON Agent for EXP Realty and #1 agent at EXP Realty in Ohio for 2019 fro transactions or text “income” to 1-937-529-0765


Income Real Estate Services At Their Peak

We do not want to be the biggest Property Management in town we want to be the best. Being selective in the properties we manage allows us to get better tenants and few evictions. Our screening system is second to known! Want more income? Call me I’m Brett 216-703-5740 ICON Agent for EXP Realty or

Text “Information” to 1-937-500-0745


Bringing Real Estate Together for Investors worldwide

Buying Real Estate from abroad can be tricky and costly if you do not use the right people. We can help you purchase real estate in Cleveland and Phoenix....Over 1000+ homes and we deal with many International and out-of-state buyers call 216-703-5740 ICON Agent at EXP Realty



Questions? Contact us today 1-216-703-5740

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