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Wednesday 22 January 2020

Helping You Get More For Your Real Estate from marketing


I personally think that anyone in any business that does not have marketing as one of their key ingredients to selling a home is really outdated and probably not that successful. Not having marketing knowledge does a lot of damage to getting all the potential buyers eyes on your real estate.

Me personally I advertise my listings almost daily through my KVCore software. All my listings also have videos and are almost always at the top in Zillow for views. The only way I can do 118 transactions done in 2019 was to market my listings and create buyers for that property.

After I write this blog I will be going to all my 20 listings and marketing them. I also have to set up appointments to show them myself this week. I create open houses so that people can come out and view my homes listed.

It is not an easy task, most showings have to be done in the evenings when people are not working. We got a property that another company recently that could not lease a property for months, and we leased it in 2 days. This is because we are willing to take the time to show the property.

A lot of agents do a listing and never think of selling or leasing a property themselves. We lease 95% of all our listings, because we take a lot of time to show them. In December when almost every agent said it was hard to lease a property, we leased 4. I remember one night close to Christmas I had to stay an extra hour to meet a potential tenant. While everyone else is shopping and getting ready for the Holidays I waited for this potential tenant. When she came she loved the home and leased it.

Marketing is so much more than just adding a property to the MLS, it needs to be marketed and shown while you have it listed.

Marketing a property is not expensive it just takes a bit of time everyday to get all the faucets finalized and updated.

So there you have it, does your agent really know how to market? Google Brett Young Realtor and see how many times my name comes up. When your ready to get your real estate sold or leased call me I'm Brett 216-703-5740 EXP Realty ICON Agent for the last 2 years with EXP Realty

You can also text "information" to 1-937-500-0745 

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