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Wednesday 15 January 2020

Full Service Flat Fee Service we don't get paid until you do!


Not all Flat Fee services are created equal, a lot of brokerages charge you upfront fees and they claim to help you sell your home. My Full Service Flat Fee service requires the home to be sold before I get paid.

It only makes sense that a agent will work harder to sell your home if they are only paid if they are successful at getting your home sold! That is the way my very unique Full Service Flat Fee system works. I have to get up everyday and market my properties so that they get SOLD!

I notice that a lot of other Flat Fee Listing Platforms have payment options and different levels of listing service.........I personally think you need to save money on listing your home and you also still need the highest level of service from your agent.

The level of a Realtors precipitation is crucial to you getting the top dollar for your home. With all the different levels of listing packages and they charge different prices for those levels. Does that mean they try less with certain packages?

Just last night an agent called me and needed some paperwork to get a contract written up for a listing. It was almost 9 pm, but that is what it takes to sell a home. Realtors are trained, licensed professional that should be handling every aspect of selling a home.

I personally do not take my clients to homes that I have to call the owner to get a showing, they are usually not available and I cannot communicate to them like I do with other agents. It is important for agents to be involved and make sure that everything is disclosed and just making sure there is a smooth closing.

Would you go see a Doctor without a license? Go to court without a lawyer for serious situations? Get your car warranty car worked on without a mechanic? The same is true with real estate, you should never go to buy or sell a home without an Real Estate agent.

If you are an investor and need your property or properties sold we are experts at helping you do that also.

Getting your home SOLD is serious business and you need the best agent to do that. I am Brett ICON Agent for the last 2 years with EXP Realty call me 216-703-5740...We did 118 transactions in 2019.

Get your home SOLD for Less with us

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