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Tuesday 19 November 2019

Reasons Why December is a Perfect Time to Sell a Home


This article comes from https://www.weinigerhomes.com/ and has a lot of reasons why selling a home in December is good.

There are a lot of hard working agents that take December off and relax, which I totally understand. I am not one of them and this article has some key facts why.

"People who are looking to buy a home during the holidays are serious about finding their new residence! There may be fewer of these folks out there in general, but the ones who are looking are ready and wanting to buy, and they're not messing around."

The week before Christmas in 2017 I sold a home in Chagrin Falls in 1 week. We had two offers on the home, both qualified buyers that needed a home. It SOLD for almost asking price 

"Typically, there are fewer homes for buyers to look at around the holiday season, which means there's less competition for the attention of those buyers! When the holiday season ends and the new year begins, the supply of homes goes up. More inventory can mean more competition, longer days on market and potentially less money for your home."

The Holiday season has less homes on the market and that gives new listings a lot more exposure. There will be more people seeing your home and if  they are looking in December they want to buy! 

"The holidays tend to bring out the best in a home, when it's all decorated and dressed to the nines! Your home will show beautifully, decked out in wreaths, red bows, and white lights! I particularly love the winter scents of pine, cinnamon and the toasty wood burning fireplace. Plus, the holidays can provide that emotional connection to a home that will help a buyer feel more attached and pay your asking price."

Everyone is happier during the Christmas and the Holiday season, that good news for any seller. 

"While your first instinct might be that people are too busy during the holidays to look at homes, think again! Many buyers may have less demanding schedules during the holiday season, or time off during Christmas as opposed to a normal work week. Especially the case for relocation buyers... one of the best opportunities for a seller. They need to purchase and only have a short time to find their next home before the new year."

There is a lot more free time for people to look at homes. They may also be relocating and need a home ASAP. When your changing jobs and need to move what better time than the Holiday season to so. Think of the days you have off to do what you want. 

These are just a few reasons why you should consider selling your home in December. In this economy and fast paced markets real estate will not slow done for anything except natural disasters. 

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