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Thursday 19 September 2019

Supercharge your Real Estate career


There are a lot of real estate agents in America, and getting your name out there requires having different services that assist your clients.

I was with a client yesterday that needs some assistance in getting a home ready to lease. As I was at the home I took pictures and went through what was needed to lease or sell the home.

My contractors will get the home ready to lease and we will get a detailed quote to them detailing what will be done.

Yesterday a client called that needed some legal advice for a real estate issue. I sent him an attorney that will get his questions answered.

Every week as homes are being rehabbed for my clients I personally go by the home and video the process. Every week as the rehab is being done each client gets a personal video of the process of the rehab. This keeps them updated and comfortable knowing what is being done.

Doing the extra work as a Realtor really does get you more business. In fact people will come to you and want to do business.

Real estate agents should create services that help clients get there items handled quickly. Basically a 1 stop shop. It helps you to keep your client, they have everything with you why would they go anywhere else?  If there is something they need that you do not have then look for it an assist them in finding it.

My clients stay with my services, because they are unique and they basically cover all the important services for residential homes.

For example I deal with a lot of investors and I set up a Flat Fee listing service for my clients. That helps them sell their homes and I get listings. Win Win

If you would like to super charge your real estate career call me 216-703-5740 I'm Brett Icon Agent with EXP Realty 

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  1. Introduction This article has been written to provide a novice person considering real estate investing some fundamental concepts to consider as you commit yourself to this area of interest. SC Realtor

    1. I understand your comment, but I do 100+ transactions a year. I do no door knocking or cold calling. I have been an agent for 2- years Full time. I have purchased and leased or sold 1000+ properties and understand the details....I have over a 2400 video catalog at my YouTube channel also.